The mission of the Scappucci group at QuTech is to design, realize, and study innovative materials by the assembly of group IV elements. The goal is to tailor the structural and electronic properties of such materials for applications in quantum technologies. To achieve our goals, we use experimental techniques such as crystal growth, micro/nanofabrication, and cryogenic electrical measurements.
The success in obtaining materials of sufficient purity underpinned our ability to manipulate semiconductors into electronic devices. The availability of such “electronic-grade” materials are at the basis of the information age. To empower quantum computing, we need to extend our understanding of materials functionality from electronic grade to “quantum-grade”. We know the material science behind a good transistor: what are the requirement of materials that will enable qubits for the quantum information age of tomorrow?
As we are moving into the next phase of engineering qubit systems in the large numbers required for useful quantum computing, our research at QuTech is contributing answers the following questions, ranging from technological to basic science: can we make qubits in an industrial fab? How do we connect qubits and scale up their number? Can we devise new materials and concepts for the next generation of quantum hardware?
Our principal material platforms are isotopically purified Si metal-oxide-semiconductor, strained Si/SiGe and strained Ge/SiGe

Below a list of recent papers (2018-2020) on group IV semiconductors

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